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Product Lines Currently Carried by Nationwide Natural Foods

ALBA -natural skin and hair products

AMANO – miso, soy sauces, tamari

ANCIENT HARVEST – quinoa flakes, grains, pastas

ARGO TEAS – bottled tea drinks

AVALON – personal care products

AVENA FOODS – oats, flakes, cereals, baking mixes

AYURGANDHA – incense

BOB’S RED MILL – baking powder, baking soda, baking mixes, cereals, grains, date sugar, flax seeds & meal, flours, granolas, hemp seeds, hot cereals, natural egg replacer, pancake & waffle mixes

BOMBAY DINE – canned beans

BOULDER CANYON-gluten-free kettle cooked potato chips, rice & bean artisan snacks

BRAGG – apple cider vinegar, liquid aminos

BREADWINNERS – fast rising yeast, dry active yeast

BROCKMANN’S CHOCOLATE – truffles, chocolate bars

BROYA – beef & chicken bone broth


CABOO – sustainable sugarcane and bamboo paper products

CAFLIB – coffee substitute with a smooth rich flavor

CALIA – cosmetics

CHA’S ORGANIC – coconut milk, gourmet spices and teas

CHOCXO CHOCOLATE BARS – organic chocolate bars


CANOLINE – canola oil, egg-less mayonnaise

CASBAH – couscous, flavoured pilafs, mediterranean mixes


CHANDRIKA – pure vegetable oil

COCOMI – coconut water, coconut milk, coconut chips

COCONUT SECRETS– gluten free, organic, gmo-free raw coconut nectar, raw coconut flour, raw coconut vinegar, raw coconut aminos, and coconut bars

COUNTRY CHOICE – organic oats and cookies

COUNTRY FRESH – sesame dreams, nut butters

CRAVE STEVIA– sweet & natural stevia

CROFTER’S ORGANIC– fruit spreads

CUISINE DE SOLEIL – organic & gluten free baking products and lentil snacks

DABUR – toothpaste, soap


DYNAMIC HEALTH – liquid dietary supplements

DOUBLE D BEVERAGE – BearN’Beaver, Crim City Craft Sodas Made With Cane Sugar

EARTH FRIENDLY – toilet paper, paper towel, air fresheners, hand soap

EARTH’S BEST – baby foods, baby wipes, tender care chlorine free disposable diapers

EAT IT UP! – fruit spreads

E-CLOTH– cloths & mops


ELAN – organic dried fruits, nut mixes, grains and seeds

ELEVATE ME! – protein & fruit energy bars

ENDANGERED SPECIES – chocolate bars

ENER-C – all natural vitamin c and multivitamin drink mix

ENVIROKIDZ – vanilla animal cookies, cereals, crispy rice bars

ETHICAL SODA – kombucha (can)

EVERTON TOFFEE – hand crafted butter toffee caramels and pretzels

FEARN PRODUCTS – baking mixes

FEE FI FO FLAX – flaxbars and flaxseeds

FRUTSA – juices

GALLOWAYS FOODS – baking mixes, flours and seeds

GARDEN OF EATIN’ – snack chips

GEROLSTEINER – sparkling mineral water

GoBIO! – bouillon cubes

GORILLY GOODS – organic snacks

GUY FIERI – salsas, bbq sauces, wing sauces

HAPPY WATER – naturally alkaline water

HIDDEN GARDEN – gluten free cookies with vegetables

HONEY BUNNY – honey, ketchup, bbq sauce

HONEYWATER – honeywater

IMAGINE – soups & broths

IT’S NOT BACON – coconut bacon topper

JAGASILK– teas and kombucha

JUNG & WALKER – hot sauces


KIDCO INC. – baby food grinders

KIND HEALTHY SNACKS – gluten free bars

KING ISLAND– coconut water, coconut snacks, coconut flower syrup

KINNIKINNICK – cereal, bagels, breads, buns, donuts, muffins, baking mix, sugar, cookies

KOEZE – nut butters

LA COCINA – tortilla chips

LA CROIX – sparkling flavoured water

LIFESOURCE – juice, jams, mustard

LIFESOY – wheat free soya sauces

LILY OF THE DESERT – aloe vera juice, gel, skin products

LIMONITZ– organic sparkling lemonades

LINGHAM’S– natural hot sauces

MAPLE 3 – maple water

MARANATHA – nut & seed butters

MARIO BATALI – pasta sauces

MILL CREEK – natural and organic health and body care

MODERN PRODUCTS – broths, laxatives, & seasonings

MOUNTAIN MEADOWS – pea butter (peanut free)

NAKED COCONUTS – coconut oils and coconut soy free seasonings

NAMASTE – baking mixes, pastas

NATURE CLEAN – air fresheners, fabric refresher, household cleaners, pet stain & odor remover, laundry products, soaps, body care, hair care, hand sanitizers

NATURE’S PATH – cereals, oatmeal & granola’s, flax seeds & meal, granola bars, optimum energy bars, frozen waffles, pancake mixes, puffed cereals

NUNWEILERS – baking products

NUTIVA – coconut oil, super food, coconut oil virgin, hemp oil, hemp protein, organic coconut oil, virgin coconut oil

NUTRIFORCE – non electric sprouters

NUTRIMAX – soups, molasses, lecithin

NUTS TO YOU – nut butters


ORCHID – dried whole vanilla beans, real flavour extracts

PANDA – licorice

PB&ME – natural powdered peanut butter

PEACOCK – rice noodles

PERFECT CHEF – organic salad dressings, mustards and pasta sauces

PONOMAS – pectin

QUE PASA – mexican foods

RED MOUNTAIN – granola

RED STAR YEAST– instant yeast

REAL BREW – premium sodas

RICE DREAM – non-dairy beverages, frozen desserts

ROCKET FOODS – gluten free oatmeal

R.W. KNUDSEN– juices, sparkling juices, spritzers

SAHARA ORGANIC – organic canned beans, pasta sauces and ketchup

SAN-J – brown rice crackers, cooking sauces, dressings, miso soup cups, shoyu & tamari

SANTA CRUZ – chocolate syrup, lemon juice, juices, sparkling beverages

SCHOOLSAFE SOY BUTTER – peanut butter replacement

SENCHA NATURALS – green tea leaf mints

SENSIBLE PORTIONS – veggie chips, veggie straws

SPECTRUM – mayonnaise, oils, palm oil shortening, spray oils, vinegars

SPICE SANCTUARY – organic spices & herbs

SPOKES – air puffed potato snacks

STEPHANO’S – granolas

SUMO BIODEGRADABLE BAGS – biodegradable garbage bags

SWERVE SWEETENERS – natural sweeteners & icing sugar

TERRA – vegetable & potato chips

THE ROYALS KOMBUCHA – kombucha beverage

TOM’S OF MAINE – dental care, deodorants, mouthwash

TOUCH ORGANIC – organic teas

TRUEBLUE – wild blueberry juices

VAN RICE – natural and organic brown rice cakes

VICCO – toothpaste

VITA BIO – ketchup, tomatoes, sauce, paste

VOSS WATER – norwegian artesian water

WELLESLEY – apple butter

WENDEL’S TRUE FOODS – gluten free pastries

WOW BAKING COMPANY – gluten free, wheat free soft and moist cookies

YOGOURMET – yogurt maker, starter, parts

YVES VEGGIE CUISINE – canned vegetables, canned whole beans, baked tofu & tempeh, meat alternatives

ZEVIA – zero calorie soda

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